Cognitive IoT Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Providing Transparency Into The Milk Supply Chain

A Global Leader in Supply Chain Management

The Challenge

The predominant issue in the dairy supply chain relates to the tracking the milk and determining if standards are followed at each touch point from the farmer to consumer.

The Solution

Eilios’s ecosystem ensures compliance standards are adhered to at each level of the cycle using blockchain technologies to assure consumers, farmers, and regulators that the product is authentic and correctly represented.

We provide dairy companies secure and customized supply chain solutions that provide greater visibility and efficiency to the production process.

Eilios Protocol can help dairy companies achieve:

  • Greater visibility and efficiency in the supply chain process
  • Allows the supply chain partners to verify and monitor the entire production process
  • Each transaction in the supply chain can be recorded and viewed in a permanent decentralized repository
  • Eliminates human error through data collection by IoT devices
  • Increased security with the immediate depiction of data and information
  • Quickly adapt products to consumer trends or preferences through feedback and data from the blockchain
  • Authenticating a product's journey across the supply chain reveals its exact origin and history, which can help to substantiate product claims and ultimately help build trust


Eilios's mission involves introducing a trustless verifiction system on all supply chain transactions in the dairy industry. This will provide dairy farmers, processors, disctributors, retailers and customers full transparensy into the supply chain, from the dairy farm to distribution, with decentralized blockchain verification at every step.

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Become the premier provider of qualified and trusted data for the dairy industry.

Create an environment in which farmers can produce the highest quality product using trusted and certified data.

Provide an environment in which consumers can trust the dairy products that they are eating or drinking without the fear of contamination.

Be at the forefront of buyer preferences and adapt quickly to consumer trends.

The Dairy Industry,
by the Facts

22 companies were found to have used the contaminated milk in their products, including Cadbury through global exporting

people were affected in a result of a global dairy scandal

53,000 infants in China
were sickened from the contaminated milk. At least four have died

The need for
into the supply chain is a growing concern for consumers globally and could become a staple in industry-wide practices soon

Eilios's Partners
include dairy farmers, dairy transportation companies, dairy processors, and retail companies to ensure that the end consumer is receiving the right product at the highest quality without contamination

can speed up the movement of food through the supply chain network, and also allows fast, targeted removal of products that aren’t fit for the consumption


Since 2000, domestic milk production in China has grown more than

Up to 6 Days
to trace a product back through the supply chain

2.2 sec to trace a product back through the supply chain, utilizing blockchain technology

Keys to Success

We have built a trusted ecosystem using a combination between the CognetiX data acquisition software and blockchain technology that will provide all stakeholders the benefits of verifiable process information and transaction data from origin to destination in each step of the supply line from farm to consumer.

Dairy industry process from cow to shelf

Understand the regulatory, legal, and technological needs and challenges of the dairy industry

Establish strong vendor and partner relationships with technology firms, farmers, dairy transportation, processors and retail to ensure integrity and value of the data

Attract, hire and retain highly qualified professionals to sell, manage, monitor, and service the various technological component parts and software systems required to support the ecosystem

Create billions of data points and hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value

Provide a simple, secure, user-friendly platform for the stakeholders

Continually advance the food supply blockchain data ecosystem

Establish supply chain integrity


Combining the CognetiX software platform with Blockchain technology is the core aspect of Eilios’ intellectual property. Through Eilios’ technologies, virtually every component of the farm’s production is tracked, documented and available in visible format both in real time and historically. This ensures that the baselines set by the dairy processor are adhered to by the farming staff and simplifies operations by identifying issues before they become problems.

  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Composer Node
    (Blockchain Node)
  • CognetiX
  • Standards
  • Raw Data


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